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We are experts in providing aggressive legal representation that is custom tailored to each case. Our mission is to earn our client’s trust and confidence by protecting their individual rights, and by keeping families together at all costs.

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We have a success rate of over 90%, leading to cases being dismissed on a daily basis for all our clients including our professional clients and their licenses.

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Moaddel Law Firm is one of the top ten criminal defense firms in California, winning many accolades such as the prestigious Avvo Client’s Award in areas of Criminal Defense, DUI, Domestic Violence, and Violent Crime.

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Our firm provides client-focused criminal defense, from serious felonies to misdemeanors. At Moaddel Law Firm, our clients receive big firm support and individualized attention at affordable rates.

Criminal Law

Aggressive and effective criminal defense against: Drug Crimes, Theft, Warrants, Violent Crimes, Immigration Consequences.

Felony Crimes

Defending you at all cost from: Insurance / Medicare / Welfare Fraud, Sex with Minor / Rape, Counterfeit Documents, Counterfeit Merchandise, Human Trafficking, Conspiracy, Embezzlement.


Unique relationships in the courts to give you peace of mind for: Felony Expungement, Misdemeanor Expungement, Early Termination of Probation, Certificate of Rehabilitation, Governors Pardon, Sealing Arrest Records, Juvenile Records, Penal Codes.


Effective system and protocol in place to defend you from: DUI, Suspended License, Unlicensed Driver, Vehicular Manslaughter. We win 9/10 times.

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Our firm has a reputation for delivering unmatched results by utilizing our vast resources, which include:

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    Aggressive legal team of experienced litigators and former prosecutors.

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    Unique relationships in the courts with prosecutors and judges.

  • Innovative Approach

    Effective system and protocol in place for each case, utilizing technology for the benefit of the client.

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Going through the criminal legal system can be a frightening and overwhelming experience, leaving you scared and hopeless. With the help of the Moaddel Law Firm, that doesn’t have to be the case.

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    We're committed to defending you at all cost. If you need legal help, call us immediately for a free consultation.

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    Our clients receive big firm support, with individualized attention at afforadble rates.
    Payment plans available.

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    You can count on us to protect your constitutional rights, freedom, and future.

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    Moaddel Law Firm is committed to keeping families together and clients out of jail.

Recent Results

Moaddel Law Firm has spent over 3,000 hours in state and federal courtrooms throughout all of California.
Winning cases on a daily basis.


    Client had obtained two DUIs from two years ago, facing one year in county jail. Our attorneys were able to fight aggressively with both cases which got dismissed, and client now has a valid driver's license.


    Mother of three kids was facing 6 months in county jail when she was arrested for shoplifting. Client retained Moaddel Law Firm, and our attorney was able to aggressively fight it, and did not stop until we were able to fully dismiss the case.


    Client had a warrant issued in 2006 for a rape case, when no bail warrant was issued. Client then retained our firm, and our attorney was able to defend him from the judge, and filed numerous motions that ultimately resulted in no jail time and termination of probation.


    Client was facing six months in county jail with thousands of dollars in fines when client was accused of stealing earrings from a store, when evidence was leaning heavily against our client. After aggressively litigating the matter, case was ultimately dismissed, and our client was very pleased.

  • Trafficking - Case Dismissed

    Felony Transport Case (Trafficking) - Our attorney got the case dismissed in full, prior to his preliminary hearing. Private investigator uncovered misconduct by arresting officers.


    Our client's wife was hitting their children and intervened to try and protect them, but the Police came and arrested him instead for domestic violence. He hired our firm, and through our private investigator, we were able to get the charge dismissed at court.


What are my rights when I'm being questioned by an officer and I'm not under arrest?

Being questioned by police officers prior to arrest is arguably the most crucial points of the entire criminal process. Anytime a person being investigated for a crime gives statement it can be hazardous. If you're being investigated for a crime you must remember the POLICE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. Police officers are just gathering statements from you so they can use those very statements AGAINST YOU. You have a right to remain silent and right against self-incrimination. This means you don't have to answer any of the officer's questions and can elect to remain silent. We would recommended always exercising this right until you seek guidance from an attorney.

If you are not in custody then you're always free to walk away from the officers. Ask the officers if you are “in custody”, if they say you are then they must tell you what you're being arrested for and also must read you your Miranda Rights. Being in custody doesn't necessarily mean you're placed in handcuffs. To be placed in custody means you're under control of the officer, if you feel that you cannot walk away from an officer then you are technically in custody. You also have rights against unreasonable search and seizure. A police officer can't simply search your person, your car, your home, or seize your belongings without meeting the appropriate legal standards.

When it comes to “Search and Seizure” the rules and standards vary depending on the place being searched and the reason for the search. An officer will always ask a potential defendant if they can search their person, car or belongings and more often than not, the suspect grants the permission to search. YOU SHOULD NEVER ALLOW ANY GOVERNMENT AGENT TO CONDUCT A SEARCH. There is no benefit. Don't allow officers to search when they ask. Remember you don't earn brownie points by cooperating. You only hurt yourself.

Can the police lie to me when questioning me?

Yes! Positively YES. The police are allowed outright to get you to incriminate yourself. The most common lie is, that they have witnesses, other evidence like a video tape, when they do not; or offering false deals. There are many reasons why you should perhaps be suspicious of law enforcement and their tactics and their immunity is one. It's always better to remain silent and ask for an attorney.

What are my rights when I'm being questioned by an officer & I'm under arrest?

An officer can attempt to question or interrogate an arrestee. For the most part, as a defendant you have the same rights in regards to answering questions as you do when you are not under arrest (read above). If you're in custody the officer must read you your Miranda Rights prior to questioning you. During this time you're also entitled to have an attorney present. Most importantly, if you are under arrest and being questioned you still have the right to remain silent.

My friend just got arrested, when can I bail him out?

If someone you know is in custody and desires to be bailed out contact the police station or jail he is being held in and ask the deputy if bail has been set for the arrestee’s name. When a suspect gets arrested they must be frisked, taken down to the holding facility, booked, processed and then the officer/deputy can issue bail. This entire process can take some time. You just have to be patient. If the person in custody is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or is a harm to himself or the community bail will not be set until her is sober and safe. Once bail is set you can contact a bail company or arrange private payment.

I showed up to court on my court date and my case was not on the calendar?

If you were given a court date and you appeared but the court did not have a case for you it is important to ask the clerk to stamp your citation that you appeared. Many times the police officers are late in their filings and often times the district attorney can decide to not file any charges, take some time make a decision on another date or request for the officer to continue to investigate the case. If your case is not filed with the court on the date of the citation it does not mean there is no case. It can be filed at a later time.

I was arrested and released from Jail, now what?

If you have been arrested and released from police custody you are typically handed a slip or citation (cite out) to appear at court on a certain date and time. If you were not given any information on your court date contact the agency that arrested you and find out if they filed a report or if they have any additional information. If the police did not give you a citation and you have no court date this does not mean you're in the clear. The police can always continue to investigate the matter. The best thing to do is, call an attorney and have him handle this sensitive situation.


If you're charged with a misdemeanor an attorney can make an appearance on your behalf without your presence, unless there are special circumstances. If you're charged with a felony then you must appear at court with your attorney.

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We are experts in providing aggressive legal representation that is custom tailored to each case.
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