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Tessa Dixon

Thanks to support staff, Miriam and the entire Client Services department for all of their hard work throughout our time together. When I first realized we needed an attorney, I wasn't sure where to turn. I took a look at Google reviews and thought, "There are too many attorneys to make a good choice!" It wasn't until I spoke with your staff and was welcomed with empathy and compassion, we knew you were the law firm for our family. Everybody has been very understanding and answered my endless questions with Grace. They constantly assured me that we would get through that difficult time together. The Client Services team put their everything into making sure they answered my questions and was aware of all financial responsibilities upfront. They kept their word and worked with a rare determination. Thanks to God, He led us to the right law firm and we appreciate all you have done for us.
May God bless everybody

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Richard Fabela

I retained counsel from this firm to take care of a 20 year old case that activated a warrant in 2020. With the help of Legal assistant Miriam and and my assigned attorney Renee Castaneda my case got dismissed. Both were very professional and knowledgeable and with their assistance they were able to provide me with the best possible outcome in this matter. I would definitely recommend to family and friends in the Los Angeles area.

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Rubin Sanchez

They are simply the most reliable, trustable and effective law firm. Not to mention their affordable fees for criminal and immigration cases. They are always in communication at every step of the case process. They also explain next steps and final results that will benefit the client. They are a great legal team. Special kudos to paralegals Monica and Marcos, who walked us through the entire process. Also, a special thanks to attorneys Arlene and Miriym. Great job!

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Suhey Santos

I am pleased with the help I received from the Moaddel Law Firm. I am very grateful for both Lizbeidy Navarrete and Arlene Malespin that helped my family through a difficult DUI case. We received their services for over 3 years and as always exceeded my expectations. They were both always very caring and professional. They explained everything in detail and kept me and my family informed throughout the process. I highly recommend Moaddel Law Firm, loved how they were bilingual and were able to communicate with my family at all times. Truly reliable and caring!

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Jennifer Lineses

Everyone at Moaddel Law Firm has great customer service and communication skills. Every question we had was answered and they always kept us updated on every step of the case. We felt safe especially after dealing with the previous lawyer that took our money and didn’t fight at all to keep my spouse and I out of jail. Once the other lawyer let my spouse go to jail I figured he would do the same to me so that’s when I decided to call Moaddel Law firm. We had a few lawyers with Moaddel Law Firm but each one did everything they can to keep us updated and out of jail. When our case was beat we were working with Claudia Martinez and her assistant Lizbeidy Navarrete. The both of them fought so hard and made sure we were able to stay out of jail and go home to our daughter.

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