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September 30, 2019 (Assault with A Deadly Weapon Dismissed)

Congratulations Atty. Austin Ifri for getting our client’s felony charges dismissed! Our client was facing prison time for two felony charges: assault with a deadly weapon and brandishing of firearms. Both cases dismissed! Thank you Austin!

September 27, 2019 (Felony Grand Theft Dismissed)

Our client was facing prison time and was being ordered to pay restitution for felony grand theft and burglary charges. Thanks to Atty. Ryan Toomey’s hard work, we were able to get the charges dismissed!

September 26, 2019 (Attempted Murder Case Dismissed)

Congratulations Atty. Claudia Martinez for getting our client’s attempted murder case dismissed! Our client was facing 9 years in state prison. Claudia did not back down and got a full dismissal.

July 23, 2019 (NOT GUILTY VERDICT)

Congratulations Atty. Joanna and her legal assistant Tony for getting a NOT GUILTY jury verdict on one of our client’s burglary charge. Our client was facing 20 years in state prison. He is fully acquitted on this case.

June 13, 2019 (3 Felony Counts Dismissed)

Our client was facing 3 felony counts 1) assault with a deadly weapon, 2) domestic violence, and 3) dangerous weapon allegation (a knife). She was facing 6 years in state prison. After showing the DA all our evidence, they decided to dismiss the case!

May 23, 2019 (Reduced Sentence)

Our client was facing 30 years in prison for attempting to rob a jewelry store with an improvised explosive bomb. After several negotiations with the DA and thanks to Atty. Ryan Toomey’s relentless defense, our client’s sentence was dramatically reduced to two years and will be out of prison soon.

February 4, 2019 (Hit & Run Dismissed)

Our client was charged with a hit and run which was set for trial. After constant negotiations with the District Attorney, our attorney, Claudia Martinez was able to get a full dismissal.

January 29, 2019 (Restraining Order Dismissed)

Our client was served with a Restraining Order after being a victim of domestic abuse. Our attorney, Ryan Toomey, drafted a response to the Restraining Order that made it clear that our client was the victim. Atty. Joanna Ogunmuyiwa, appeared for the hearing and after oral arguments was able to get the Restraining Order dismissed.

January 28, 2019 (Hit & Run Case Dismissed)

Our client was charged with a hit and run and after constant negotiations with the District Attorney, our attorney, Nghi Lam, was able to get a dismissal of the case.

January 25, 2019 (Domestic Battery Charge 243(e)1 Case Dismissed)

Our client was having an argument with his girlfriend when the neighbors called the cops. Our client was charged with a 243(e)1 Domestic Battery Charge and client was adamant that he was innocent of the charges. Our team was confident in our abilities to beat the case and set it for jury trial. The District Attorney was then unable to proceed and the case was dismissed.

January 24, 2019 (Restraining Order Dismissed with Prejudice )

Our client was served with a restraining order due to an incident where she was only trying to defend herself. Our attorney, Reza Rownaghi, drafted a response to the Restraining Order. When his associate, Katrina Eiden, appeared for the hearing- the RO was dismissed with prejudice meaning that the petitioner can no longer file an RO for that incident.

January 22, 2019 (Criminal Threats Case Dismissed)

Client was in custody and his family hired us to represent him. Drafted SERNA motion and upon oral arguments, the DA agreed to get the charge dismissed.

January 17, 2019 (DUI/12500 Case Dismissed)

Client initially hired us for an investigation where we were able to confirm that she had an active warrant out of Bellflower courthouse for a DUI from 2010. She retained us to handle the warrant and upon further investigation we confirmed that clients right to a speedy trial had been violated. Our attorney, Nghi Lam, drafted a SERNA Motion and upon oral arguments, the court was able to get the DUI/12500 case fully dismissed.

January 14, 2019 (DUI Case Dismissed)

Client was arrested in November 2018 for a DUI warrant that went out in 2007. Client retained us to handle the DUI case and upon further investigation we confirmed that client’s right to a speedy trial had been violated. Our attorney, Reza Rownaghi, drafted a SERNA Motion and upon oral arguments, we were able to get the entire DUI case dismissed.

January 7, 2019 (Burglary Case Dismissed)

Client was facing 2 felony burglary counts. Our expert attorney, Reza Rownaghi got the charges dismissed before the preliminary hearing.

January 3, 2019 (Drugs and DUI)

Client retained us after he had pleaded guilty to a felony with the Public Defender for bringing drugs into a jail and a misdemeanor DUI. Atty. Austin Ifri appeared for what should have been sentencing, relieves the public defender and begins negotiating with the DA in Norwalk. Eventually, negotiations resulted with the DA agreeing to continue sentencing and retroactively dismissing the felony he had pleaded guilty too already (VERY RARE). However, court was unable to sentence him that day because part of the deal was that we provide documentation of car insurance, had he been sentenced that day, he would have been eventually released from jail and risk deportation. Instead, Austin was able to get DA and court to agree to release him on OR so that he would be released in court that day, effectively avoiding any immigration consequences. Client was released from court that day to a happy family, he then returned for sentencing 2 weeks later. His felony was dismissed and ONLY has a misdemeanor on his record. Had he not retained us, he would have had a felony  conviction on his record and likely deported.

December 23, 2018 (Drugs)

Client was facing 9 years for 2 felony counts of possession and transport for sale (40 kilos of meth). Atty. Austin Ifri filed a motion that sparked effective negotiations between all parties. The DA’s offer was 5 years in prison(split sentence). Our zealous and highly skilled attorney was able to convince the judge to an offer of probation over the adamant objection from the DA for a 3 year formal probation.

December 21, 2018 (DUI with Injury)

Client charged with DUI w/injury. Atty. Katrina Eiden was able to get our client’s sentence reduced to a pre-plea diversion program and got the court to agree to seal our client’s file after successful completion so that it won’t affect his adult record and will not be priorable for him.

December 10, 2018 (5 Felony Counts Dismissed)

Client was facing 5 felony counts: 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, 2 counts for criminal threats, and 1 count of assault and battery. All charges were dismissed before the preliminary hearing.

November 19, 2018 (Suspension of Deportation)

Client who is a lawful permanent resident is accused of serious charges and is facing deportation. We applied for suspension of deportation and was granted by the court. This means client will no longer be deported.

November 15, 2018 (SERNA)

Motion for SERNA was granted and two cases were dismissed for client.

October 31, 2018 (Petition For Dismissal)

Granted order for dismissal PC 1203.4 for client.

October 29, 2018 (Petition For Dismissal)

Petition for Dismissal of Granted for client.

October 21, 2018 (17b Motion)

Client’s felony conviction was reduced to a misdemeanor for a Grand Theft Auto VC 10851(A).

October 17, 2018 (ICE Detention)

Client overstayed his visa because he was about to get married to his fiancé. As they were driving by the border, he was picked up and detained by ICE. Client is finally released after a few weeks and is now back together with his fiancé.

October 1, 2018 (Motion To Vacate)

Client was facing deportation due to a previous conviction. Thanks to our highly skilled attorney, Walter, we were able to get our client’s motion to vacate granted. Our client can now proceed with her immigration case because of this!

September 27, 2018 (DUI)

Client was arrested for suspicion of DUI. During the DMV hearing, our expert attorney Reza was able to prove through cross-examination that the driving did not occur within 3 hours of the field sobriety test. CASE WAS DISMISSED!

September 4, 2018 (Restraining Order)

One of our zealous attorneys, Chelsea got our client’s restraining order denied! Our client was being accused of threatening his ex-spouse with a gun. However, we were able to show evidence that the other party was lying. The judge denied the request for a 10 year restraining order which otherwise would have prevented our client from seeing his children.

August 14, 2018 (Drugs)

Client was charged with 4 counts of Possession for Sale and 1 count of Possession Of A Controlled Substance With Firearm. He was facing 18 years. Result: 6 months in custody, 1 year in-patient treatment program and 3 years formal probation.

August 8, 2018

Client had a warrant from 2001, we recalled the warrant, filed a SERNA, and won the motion and was able to get the case dismissed.

August 6, 2018 (Fraud)

Client was facing 33 years in Federal Prison for Federal Conspiracy to Receive Illegal Remunerations for Healthcare Referrals. Result: 6 months of Home Detention.

Thanks to one of our expert attorneys, Nghi, we were able to get our client the best deal possible!

August 1, 2018 (Domestic Violence)

Client was charged of 2 counts of Domestic Violence. He was facing deportation and 365 days in county jail.

After battling hard and never backing in court, one of our brilliant attorneys, Claudia, was able to prove through the pieces of evidence presented and cross examination that the defendant never hit the “victim” was therefore not guilty.

Jan 31, 2017 (No Jail Time for Domestic Violence Charge)

Client matter 1807 client charged with domestic violence. The DA fought with us for three months on this case and wouldn’t budge an inch away from 30 days of jail time on this case. After aggressively fighting the case and utilizing an investigator to uncover some unknown facts the DA finally relented and gave us an offer with no jail time.

January 30, 2017 (Record Sealing)

Client was arrested for suspicion of kidnapping in 1988. Client was in custody for 7 days, released as “detention only.” DA never filed case against client. Petition to seal and destroy arrest record filed with client’s sworn affidavit disputing victim’s accusations in late 2016. We put client on the stand, he testified under oath. Judge found client’s testimony credible, petition granted.

January 19, 2017 (Burglary)

Client had 3 felony convictions from 2002 and absconded the day she was placed on probation. Warrants were found when she picked up a new burglary case. After months of negotiations and court appearances, we were able to resolve all four cases for 60 days community labor and her formal probation is terminated.

December 28, 2016 (DUI)

This week we had a client who was convicted of a DUI and a separate driving with a suspended license over 15 years ago. Client was deported after serving a 90-day sentence and violated probation when she failed to complete the terms of her probation on the convictions. The client was facing custody time for avoiding her obligations to the court for over 15 years and we settled the client’s case with the court with no jail time and no additional punishment.

December 20, 2016 (Reduction of Charges)

Client was facing two felony counts and two misdemeanor counts. We were able to dismiss one of the felonies, reduce one of the felonies to misdemeanor, and dismiss completely the other two misdemeanors. Client did not have to do any jail time and just 12 days community labor plus restitution payment. He only pled to one misdemeanor count in the end.

This week we got our client’s case dismissed. It was a case over 10 years old. Client was accused of a serious crime. We started our fighting aggressively by getting an investigator appointed to the case to start preparing for trial. Then, due to how old the case filed a Serna motion. With relentless efforts and the filing of our motion we were able to completely drop the charges against our client.

(Speeding Ticket On Radar)

“A year ago I was ticketed for speeding; it was caught on police radar. Additionally, I missed my court date due to personal reasons. I was full of anxiety, as I was certain I would lose this case(especially because i missed my court date). Then I was referred to Mr. Moaddel from a friend, and he worked some magic and had the entire case dismissed.”

(Suspended License…DISMISSED!!)

“I went to Mr. Moaddel’s office a few months ago when I got this ridiculous driving w/ a suspended lic ticket. The officer was a jerk. Mr.Moaddel was able to assure me that everything would be fine & I WOULDN’T HAVE TO GO TO COURT (which was great!). Every time I had a court date, he would call me shortly after and explain what was going. At the end of my case, I got the best news ever, my case was DISMISSED!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer who’s experienced, aggressive, and gets the job done!”

(Shoplifting–Case Dismissed)

Mother of three kids was facing 6 months in county jail when arrested for shoplifting. Client retained our firm, and our attorney was able to aggressively fight it, and didn’t stop until the case was fully dismissed.

(Domestic Violence Charge–Dismissed)

Our client’s wife was hitting their children and he intervened to protect them. The Police arrested him instead for domestic violence. He hired our firm, and with our private investigator, we got the charge dismissed.

(2 DUIs–Dismissed)

Client had obtained two DUIs from two years ago, facing one year in county jail. Our attorneys were able to fight aggressively with both cases which got dismissed, and client now has a valid driver’s license.


Client had a 2006 warrant for a rape case, when a no bail warrant was issued. Client then retained our firm, and our attorney filed numerous motions that ultimately resulted in no jail time and termination of probation.

(Felony Probation Violation)

We had a client who was deported from state prison and never showed back up to complete felony probation. Probation wanted 180 days jail and did not care that he would likely get deported. We set the matter over several times, gathered documentation showing client’s background and situation and made aggressive legal arguments. Today he was reinstated with 15 days of community labor, no jail.

(Serna Motion: 10 Year Old Case)

Client had a case that was over 10 years old, which he was being accused of serious crime. We started out fighting aggressively by getting an investigator appointed to the case to start preparing for trial. Then, due to how old the case was, we filed a Serna motion. With relentless efforts and the filing of our motion we were able to completely drop the charges against our client.

(Driving with a Suspended License–Reduced to fines & fees)

Client was fighting colon cancer and had to drive to appointments because of it. He does what he can to provide and take care of his grandchildren, as well as his own children and wife, when he got four tickets for driving with a suspended license. We were able to dismiss three of them and pled him out to only one 14601.1 for a no jail offer; just fines and fees. He can now get his license and provide for his family with peace of mind.


Client got sited for a DUI with a .13% BAC. We had issues regarding the manner in which the client was stopped by law enforcement. They claimed they pulled him over because he was not wearing a seat belt, but the MVARs clearly show he had a seat belt on when officers approached him. The diligent attorneys at Moaddel Law Firm were able to reduce the DUI to a wet reckless charge and now our client does not have a DUI on his record.

(2nd DUI–Charge Reduced with no Jail Time)

Client was arrested for a 2nd DUI in 10 years. He was facing jail time and ultimately deportation. After aggressive negotiating by the attorneys at Moaddel Law Firm, we are able to get the client a Wet Reckless charge, void of jail time and client does not have a second DUI on his record.

(DUI–Reduced with No Jail time)

With trembling fear of being deported for a warrant on a 15 year old DUI warrant. The skilled attorneys at Moaddel Law Firm researched the latest case law and drafted motions that allowed us to recall the warrant and dispose of the case to a wet reckless without our client even having had to step foot in the court at all. Client is now able to drive his children to school without having to look over his shoulders.

(Felonies Reduced to Misdemeanors)

2223 – theft charge, $7000 owed, reduced.
1391 – ADW charge, reduced

(Felony Post Conviction Warrants Recalled)

1166 – felony warrant, client was deported, came back, for 15 years did not report to probation, over strong DA objection got warrant recalled and probation terminated.
1654 – client placed on probation, robbery charge, midterm state prison was suspended, went to Mexico and never told probation when he came back, got probation reinstated no additional penalty, warrant recalled.
2431 – client placed on probation, theft case losses close to $2000, client never reported, warrant recalled and client reinstated no penalty.

(Stalking and Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed and Felony Charge Reduced)

Client was facing 2 felony charges of 422 (Criminal Threats) and 649 (Staking) with one misdemeanor count of domestic violence 243(e)(1). Client was in custody since November and on a $200k bail. Upon arrival to court for his preliminary hearing, I was able to negotiate with DA to dismiss the stalking and domestic violence counts; get client credit for time served; he pled to 1 count of felony criminal threats 422. However, provided client does his 52 weeks of counseling and 59 days of work-release, he will be able to earn a misdemeanor reduction on the charge and therefore ultimately not have a felony on his record. Additionally, client will get to go home tonight back to his family and get his life back on track.

(Case Dismissed)

Client was facing a frivolous violation of court order charge and wanted to fight the case at all costs. Initially, the District Attorney’s office wanted to client to take a plea in where he would have to take 52 weeks of anger management classes plus 3 years of probation. Ultimately both sides were at a deadlock because the DA would not change their position on the case and the case was headed for trial. On the day of trial, DA countered with a new offer to reduce probation and delete the anger management courses. We rejected the deal again.

Finally, the DA gave in and announced that they will be unable to proceed on the case and it was dismissed! Client was extremely happy that he did not take a deal and that he does not have a to take a charge on his record.

Thank you so much!
–Cassandra Falk

“Mr. Daniel helped me and never left me until the end. This law firm did a fantastic job. It was a great decision choosing them. The staff checked all the evidences that will prove I’m innocent. The trials went great after all. In just a short period of time, I got the things I wanted to happen. This firm is highly recommended.”

Reliable Firm!
–J. Jordan

“The staff at Moaddel Law Firm was extremely kind, sweet, respectful, and treated me as if I were family! They really are a unique firm that made me feel as though my case and me were important rather than just a nuisance, which made me secure enough to know that my case was being well taken care of. I truly feel blessed to have had them representing me.
Thank you so much!”

Great Law Firm!
–G. Ventura

“I was left extremely satisfied with the attorneys at Moaddel Law Firm. I was very happy with the services provided; the process was quick and the results were good. Everyone on board at Moaddel Law is very friendly and helpful with anything you might need.”

(Theft–Case Dismissed)

Client was facing six months in county jail with thousands of dollars in fines when accused of stealing earrings from a store. The evidence was leaning heavily against our client. After aggressively litigating the matter, the case was ultimately dismissed.

(Drug Trafficking–Case Dismissed)

Felony Transport Case (Trafficking) – Our attorney got the case dismissed in full, prior to his preliminary hearing. Private investigator uncovered misconduct by arresting officers.

(20 Year Old DUI Warrant)

Client had a 20 year old warrant for a DUI in which he never did his classes or pay fines. In court, DA wanted to initially have our client serve a max term and terminate probation. After aggressively negotiating with the DA, arguing our client’s lack of criminal history along with mitigating factors as to why he never completed his probationary requirements. DA agreed to give client another chance which is when the judge recalled and quashed the warrant. Our client was able to re-enroll in his DUI class and he no longer has to worry about being arrested with a warrant hanging over his head.

(DUI, Suspended License, and Probation Violation)

This week we had a client who was convicted of a DUI and a separate driving with a suspended license over 15 years ago. Client was deported after serving a 90 day sentence and violated probation when she failed to complete the terms of her probation on the convictions. The client was facing custody time for avoiding her obligations to the court for over 15 years and we settled the client’s case with the court with no jail time and no additional punishment.

(Domestic Violence–Case Dropped)

This client was deported after a DV arrest over 5 years ago. The case was in warrant status since then, scaring his entire family. Today we appeared and not only got the warrant recalled with no penalty but, convinced the city attorney to drop the entire case.

(DUI–Driver’s License Retained)

Client was driving in Modesto when he veered off the road and crashed his car. His BAC was .17% and over twice the legal limit. The attorneys at Moaddel Law Firm hammered away, and the DMV ruled to set aside the driver license suspension.

(Domestic Violence & Probation Violation–Charges Dismissed)

Client was charged with Domestic Violence and facing a violation of probation resulting in a lengthy stint in County Jail. By discrediting the allegations and showing evidence that the charges were unfounded and unwarranted, the attorneys at Moaddel Law Firm were able to get the new charges dismissed and client was able to return home to his family without a case hanging over his head.

(Several Felonies & Misdemeanors–Reduced)

Matter 1878: Client has been in custody for more than 6 months on 5 total felony charges (one felony residential burglary charge for BA448831; 4 felony charges for BA451034, and 9 total misdemeanor charges for case 6CJ11563).

After months of negotiations we were finally able to come to a resolution on this matter.
Client plead to 1 felony charge for each felony case. Sentencing for BA451034 was set over for one year and if client successfully completes 1 year live-in drug treatment program then one of the felonies will be dismissed. Additionally, client’s Misdemeanor case will be dismissed.
In the end, if client successfully completes probation requirements she will end up with only one felony charge on her record (when she was facing 5 felonies and 9 misdemeanors).
Matter 1879: Co-d with matter 1878. He was facing Misdemeanor trespass charge and was adamant about his innocence. DA initially offered 180 hours of community service with 2 years summary probation. She came down to 100 hours. However, when we announced that we wanted to go to trial on the matter. DA advised she will dismiss this case and let CA handle it if they want to.
This is client’s second case (out of 3) that we were able to get dismissed.

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