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Chatsworth Courthouse: Los Angeles County Courthouses

Being arrested is a stressful event, and being told to appear at the Chatsworth Courthouse can only add to your anxiety. you need a supportive advocate on your side: you need a trusted Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from Moaddel Law Firm in your corner to protect your rights and your best interests no matter what charges you may be facing.

Chatsworth Courthouse

9425 Penfield Ave.

Chatsworth, CA 91311


Parking Information

Parking is available in the lot on the north side of the courthouse for a fee.



Traffic Clerk’s Office

First Floor, Room 1200

Phone: (818) 407-2268

Phone hours: 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Night Court

By appointment only, no walk-ins allowed

First Thursday of each month


GC Services/Traffic Collections

First Floor, Room 1200

Phone: (800) 352-3778 (English)

(800) 616-6007 (Spanish)


Traffic School

First Floor, Room 1200

Phone: (213) 742-1884

Hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


Traffic Telephone Payments

(213) 742-1884



Building Hours            8:00 am           4:30 pm

Clerk’s Office             8:30 am           4:30 pm

Monday through Friday, except court holidays.


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Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles Provide Fearless Representation

The Chatsworth Courthouse is relatively well kept and one of the largest in Los Angeles County.  The court handles traffic tickets, domestic violence, and criminal cases.  Traffic infraction arraignments and trials are heard in Department F40, while criminal and civil cases take up the rest of the courtrooms.

For permanent injunctive releases for domestic violence, temporary restraining orders, or civil harassment cases, the Restraining Order Court can be found in Department F-51.

No matter what you have been charged with, Moaddel Law Firm takes the fight to the prosecution by contesting any and every part of their case against you.  When you are facing criminal accusations, all that is needed on your behalf is to raise reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury or the judge regarding your guilt.  When such doubt arise by way of our thorough investigation into your case, typically there is no way to find you guilty.

There are considerable ways of contesting the charges against you: were you stopped with cause?  Were you or your property improperly searched?  Were you read your Miranda rights?  Any of these or countless other issues can be brought up by our Los Angeles defense lawyers in order to undermine the prosecution’s argument and protect your freedom.

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Don’t show up to the Chatsworth Courthouse alone: our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys fully understand how the court works and will use every opportunity to find a positive resolution to your case.  Moaddel Law Firm seeks to apprise all of our clients of their legal rights when they are accused of criminal behavior.  Trust our firm to work in your best interests at all times.

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