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Airport/LAX Courthouse

Recently charged with a crime and ordered to appear at the LAX/Airport Courthouse? Moaddel Law Firm has a thorough understanding of all Los Angeles County courthouses and how to beat your charges.  We are highly experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys who have fought and beaten a wide range of criminal charges.

Airport Courthouse (also known as the LAX Courthouse)

11701 S. La Cienega

Los Angeles, CA 90045


Parking Information

Parking is available at the Pacific Concourse parking lot, located adjacent to the courthouse.

There is also metered parking nearby.



Criminal Clerk’s Office

Located on the Second Floor

Phone Hours   8:30 am—10:30 am; 1:30pm—3:30pm

Felony Phone (310) 725-3025

Misdemeanor Phone (310) 725-3099



Building Hours            8:00 am           4:30 pm

Clerk’s Office             8:30 am           4:30 pm

Monday through Friday, except court holidays


Additional LAX Courthouse information:

Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles 

LAX Courthouse Facebook Page

Our Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles Know how the LAX Courthouse Works

A majority of cases heard at the LAX or Airport Courthouse involve DUI cases originating in Santa Monica, El Segundo, Venice, Culver City, and Century City, but other charges include domestic violence, drug crimes, theft crimes, and fraud.  No matter what you have been charged with, our dedicated legal team can help.  We have the experience to contest a wide range of legal matters, at the Airport/LAX Courthouse or elsewhere.  We consistently work towards the best outcome possible for our clients.

The LAX Courthouse is one of the more agreeable ones out of the 13 judicial districts that make up Los Angeles, complete with state of the art facilities.  The Airport Courthouse hears cases involving both felony and misdemeanor crimes.  As opposed to other courts in the greater Los Angeles area which permit the accused to have their attorney appear on their behalf for misdemeanor crimes, at the Airport Courthouse those defendants with a warrant need to appear in person in the clerk’s office.

From the time it opens in the morning, the clerk’s office takes walk-in warrants until roughly 9:30 am if the client is present.  At this crucial moment the judge will decide to either recall and quash your warrant or remand you into custody.

If you were arrested for drunk driving, you will receive your DUI citation in the mail which will inform you that your DUI hearing will be at the Airport (or “LAX”) Courthouse.  If you know you will be unable to make it to your DUI hearing at the scheduled time, it may be possible for the court to change it if you petition them.  Not showing up to court is NOT an option: this is known as “failure to appear” and an arrest warrant will be issued against you.

Do not neglect your Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing!

Your DUI hearing at the LAX Courthouse is a separate matter from your ALR hearing which will take place at the DMV within 10 days of your arrest.  You must request to have this hearing, otherwise your driver’s license will automatically be suspended.  With a Los Angeles DUI lawyer beside you, your ability to drive can be protected.

The earlier you speak with a criminal defense attorney, the more time we will have to build a robust defense for your case.  Your freedom is at stake–make sure you trust the right lawyer to protect it!

If you are charged with appearing at the LAX Courthouse, speak with our highly-qualified Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys today and learn how Moaddel Law Firm can protect your rights and your future–(877) 375-8188!