Preparing for Court

Many clients of ours find themselves unsure of what to expect when it comes to appearing in court: what do I need?  How should I act?  Where do I even go?  While this confusion is very understandable, having a solid idea of what you can expect before walking into the courtroom can be a big relief [...]

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What are the steps in a criminal case?

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys Pre-filing Investigation Before there is a criminal case, there is an investigation into potential criminal activity. Sometimes, the investigation is very brief, such as a traffic stop on suspicion of driving under the influence. In other cases, the investigation can last months or even years before charges are filed and arrests [...]

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The Right To Remain Silent

Trusted Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles One of the most frequent misunderstandings of the law involves the right to remain silent, otherwise known as the Miranda rights. What are Miranda warnings? Miranda requires that police inform a person being questioned that they have the right to remain silent and any statements they make can be [...]

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THC DUI- Coming Your Way, California!

Get Ready with Our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys With the recently passed Proposition 64, California has legalized recreational marijuana. Driving under the influence of marijuana, however, remains illegal. Proposition 64 itself did not set a limit for under the influence. Likely, legislators will set the limit for a “per se” THC DUI at 5 nanograms THC [...]

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DUI Arrests to Increase for St. Patrick’s Holiday

Los Angeles DUI Attorney While law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for drunk drivers, special occasions, like St. Patrick’s Day, put police officers on especially high alert. The Los Angeles Times reports that local police departments will be deploying extra officers on Friday March 17th until the following day in an attempt to curb drunk [...]

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DUI Checkpoints in Los Angeles: Common Questions

Los Angeles DUI Lawyers with Answers DUI Checkpoints in Los Angeles DUI checkpoints are the familiar stops set up by police, often on holidays or other nights when large numbers of people are expected to be drinking, where each car must stop and officers typically ask drivers a few questions before allowing them to pass or having [...]

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