Client Reviews

Thomas H A.

Very professional, very communicative throughout the whole process and were able to work to get the best deal possible.

Jenn L.

My family and I are very satisfied with the outcome of the process. Moaddel Law Firm has exceeded our expectations far and beyond. Their attorneys are very...

  • Wilma RyansWilma Ryans

    I am very satisfied with the attorneys, their services, and for helping me fix my case which has been pending since 1997. Thank you to the attorney who handled my case because everything was fixed. I recommend Moaddel Law Firm for any cases you might have out of court or with the police. The staff at Moaddel Law Firm is very professional and attentive with the cases that they handle.

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  • Frankie BarillasFrankie Barillas

    Everyone here is very professional. We went with this firm because they gave us the most detailed analysis of my case. Most law firms provide free consultations but are stingy with the information they give. Our attorney was very compassionate when talking to us, but transforms into a beast in court! These guys really know their craft and my husband and I are so happy that we went with them. My case got dismissed in less than a year. They honestly saved my job, my family and my life. Thank you so much Moaddel Law Firm! 5 stars isn't enough to describe how grateful I am. Thank you.

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  • Elain HElain H

    I ended up with great results on my case, which just so happened to be handled by Moaddel Law Firm. I was feeling a bit anxious about my case but at the end of it all, everything was resolved! I would definitely recommend Moaddel Law Firm to all my friends and family that need legal assistance. I would say it was completely worth it!

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