The LiveScan Advantage

Moaddel Law Firm: Premier Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys

Moaddel Law Firm is pioneering new ways of defending the rights of the accused using advanced technology to provide superior service. One example of our unique and advanced services offered exclusively to our clients is our very own LiveScan system which allows us to run California Department of Justice and FBI fingerprints on site. This gives our clients peace of mind and is a convenience that our competitors can’t match.

No more worry and anxiety about having to find a LiveScan location and going out of your way to get your fingerprints done. This also alleviates any security concerns on the part of law enforcement personnel taking you into custody while doing LiveScan if you have active warrants.

Our LiveScan system is one of the advanced tools that Moaddel Law Firm uses in doing industry-leading investigative work on behalf of our clients who have been accused of criminal activity.

LiveScan can Protect Your Record

Not sure what you have on your record? No problem! Not only will Moaddel Law Firm dispatch it’s own specially-trained investigators to any courthouse to run your information, they will also confirm the results and compare them to your LiveScan results.

Often times, Moaddel Law Firm is called upon to either help with post conviction relief, identity theft, or arrests on records that were never prosecuted. After achieving the desired results in court, we ensure our clients’ Law Enforcement records are updated to reflect the accurate status of the case.

Once your case is resolved, we go the extra mile to ensure that your record looks the way it should by using LiveScan technology. Moaddel Law Firm takes its responsibility to protect your rights and freedom very seriously and the Moaddel LiveScan is just one example of how we achieve our industry-leading results.

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