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Meet Our Team: Nadja Habinek

Trusted Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Nadezhda (“Nadja”) Habinek ​is the Supervising Attorney at Moaddel Law Firm, overseeing most of the Legal Department. She is an honorary native Californian having lived here since the age of 1. Her​ undergraduate degrees are from the University of California,​ Los Angeles.  She graduated with honors from UC Hastings ​in San Francisco, CA, where she was an editor on law review, competed for two years on the school’s nationally-ranked Trial Team, and interned with federal and state criminal defense practitioners while attending classes.

​Before joining Moaddel Law Firm, Ms. Habinek’s previous legal experience include​d​ working for the San Diego Public Defender’s office, the Federal Public Defender in Los Angeles, and private defense firms.​  Ms. Habinek most recently had a boutique solo practice in which she handled research, writing and preparation for a number of high stakes post-conviction proceedings before the Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside County superior courts; the First, Second and Third District Courts of Appeal; and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  ​

Nadja is a past or present member of the California Appellate Project which provides representation for defendants on appeal; the California Public Defender’s Association; California Attorneys for Criminal Justice; and the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

​​At Moaddel Law Firm, Ms. Habinek zealously advocate​s​ for clients​ in the courtroom and behind the scenes, ensuring​ that the law is applied fairly​ to every criminal defendant regardless of their legal status or criminal history.   She is responsible for keeping Moaddel Law Firm on the cutting edge of new legal trends and developments through her professional connections, research and advocacy.  She not only provides guidance to the entire Moaddel team of attorneys, she is also contacted ​regularly ​by other attorneys to consult on complicated legal issues​.  Finally, Ms. Habinek is Moaddel Law Firm’s leading legal writer​.  She is ​highly respected by judges for ​her ​knowledge of law and aggressive representation of client​s in the courtroom and on the papers. ​

In her​ infrequent off time, Nadja enjoys running, hiking, reading classical literature, and enjoying live music performances.

To learn more about Nadja and how she can protect your legal rights, call Moaddel Law Firm at (877) 375-8188!